Information technology and systems


D. Juan Luis Ardá Vázquez
Activity: Information Technology.


Vía de las Dos Castillas nº 33 , Ática, edif. 7. Pl. Baja

28224 POZUELO DE ALARCÓN, (Madrid)


TAISA is a provider of technological solutions with over 30 years’ experience in the Spanish market. It was created with the aim of being present wherever new technological solutions were needed.

It has significant presence in both private and public sectors, where TAISA is approved on the 26 and 27 Agreement Frames of the Heritage Catalogue.

TAISA emerges as a company focused on infrastructure design for the CPD from there it has evolved in a natural way towards outsourcing services (both managed and professional) offering new models of IT consume of IT on a flexible way (pay for using).

With the purpose of diversifying the various business areas of the company, a few years ago, it has opted for new technologies associated to mobility among other things.

The experience and the companies performance of TAISA is an asset that we offer you to accompany on the new journey to Digital Transformation.