D. Fernando Riaño

Activity: Social economy.

Sebastián Herrera, 15-3º pl
28012 MADRID


  • Expert services in universal accessibility.
  • Comprehensive laundry services
  • Comprehensive maintenance, cleaning and gardening services
  • Surveillance and security services
  • Comprehensive services for customer and user support
  • Facility Services and ETT Responsible
  • Leisure and free time services
  • Document management services
  • Comprehensive event organization
  • Marketing of office supplies, stationery, layout and printing, merchandising, office and social-health furniture, consumables and computer equipment
  • Technical orthopedics and support products
  • Fleet management, adaptation and transformation of vehicles
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Travel management and hotel chain
  • Recycling of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Logistic services for the industry, auxiliary handling and direct marketing.
  • Insurance Mediation Services
  • News, communication, image, print and digital publications
  • Urban furniture design and production
  • Sterilization of surgical instruments and sanitary textile material
  • Residences and day centers, 3rd age, Home telecare