CAPACITY </ strong> </ p>

Distributive logistics </ p>


GAHN, L.G.C. </ strong> </ h5>
Ms. Esther Graullera Sancho </ span> </ strong> </ h5>
Activity: Integral management and logistics. </ strong> </ h5>

C/ Velázquez, 11 – 6º dcha.
28001 MADRID


Gahn LGC (logistics, management and consulting) is a company that is divided into three main business areas and a social area.

  • GAHN GESTIÓN: Integral Management, offers integral services of management and control in UTEs and Consortiums from the elaboration of offers, execution and liquidation. </ li>
  • GAHN LOGISTICS: Logistics, has an operational center that offers personalized services: storage, handling, reverse logistics, distribution and auxiliary services. </ li>
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  • GAHN CONSULTANCY: Consulting, divided into three main areas: organization and management, information and communication systems and, finally, communication and brand image. </ li>
  • GAHN NEST: Social division, support foundations and organizations of a social nature. </ li>
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