Creatividad y Tecnología, S.A.

Creatividad y Tecnología, S.A.
D. Francisco González Mené

Activity: Engineering technical services and other activities related to advice.

C/ Lagasca, 104 – 1º Planta

28006 Madrid


Creativity and Technology S.A. (CYTSA) is an international engineering specialized in the integral management of Water Resources with 35 years of experience in the design of information systems, hydrological planning, quality and availability of water, flood prevention and flood studies, drought management, climate change and the environment, ICTs and R + D + i. We offer energy efficiency services applied to the management of water resources, calculation of carbon footprint and water footprint, hydrogeology and water management and permits for the mining sector.

Our Scientific-Technological Consulting division specialized in the Evaluation and Integral Management of Large Public Programs for the promotion of business competitiveness and especially of SMEs with more than 32 years of experience, which actively participates in the design and implementation of Public Policy and processes of Institutional Development focused on strengthening Entrepreneurship Assistance Programs, many of them co-financed through Structural Funds