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Information technology and systems

Beyond Soluciones y servicios S.L.

D. Oscar Pérez Fernández </ span> </ strong> </ h5>
Activity: Integrators of the Supply Chain and Systems that support it </ strong> </ h5>

C / Oquendo, 23, 4th </ div>


BeSS, </ strong> is a business project, born of the strong conviction of a Group of Professionals of Logistics and Information Systems, create a new way of doing </ strong>, connect and integrate </ strong> more intimately with all the actors of the supply chain </ strong> and improve the service “beyond “</ Strong> of what is known as 4partlogistics, creating a relationship of ” partnership of high LOYALTY and involvement “. </ Strong> </ span>

We deliver solutions to the Logistics Chain, for and by our CLIENTS and Partners, creating superior, perceptible and quantified value, in a loyal, integrated and seamless way. < / span> </ div>

Through our Services Universe we configure a complete Solution for each of our Clients, offering the best Product, the Most Innovative, Operational Excellence and Tailored Solutions. </ span> </ div>

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Integrated Management of the Supply Chain and Logistics </ span> </ u> </ div>

  • Consulting and Design </ span> </ li>
  • Transport and Distribution Management </ span> </ li>
  • Logistics Management </ span> </ li>
  • Material Management (Acquisition and Maintenance) </ span> </ li>
  • Management I.T. (Information Systems) </ span> </ li>
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