Bussiness Partnership

AESMIDE is born in 1984 to serve as interlocutor between goods and services suppliers and the Spanish Defense Minister. Nowadays, it hosts 60 contracting companies of the Spanish Defense Minister, and other Spanish Public Authorities and other States.

It is a non-profit Association whose main aim is to promote all the associated enterprises encouraging and defending their capabilities in the internal and foreign market.

AESMIDE is a multisectorial association whose members are specialized mainly in service and goods supply.

In a world increasingly complex and regulated, AESMIDE is a crucial tool to achieve the success of the different organization making no difference between sectors since it enables the combination between the private and public interest.

Mission, vision, and values

Our Mission

It declares our purpose as a Bussiness Partnership and defines our roadmap.

  • To provide constant and close support both to our partners and to the Public Administrations in order to give specific solutions regardless their level or nature, creating the suitable communicative channels with Public Authorities of any type establishing a useful and profitable dialogue between both sides.

Our Vision

Our vision serves as our framework and guides every aspect of our Association by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable growth.

  • Effectiveness: Join efforts and skills in order to enable the members of AESMIDE to deliver their products in a more effective way.
  • Communication: Encourage the effective and constructive dialogue among all those who have an interest on the development of the cooperation between the Public and Private sectors.
  • Dialogue: Maintain and increase the discussion between the Central Administration as well as to encourage the relationship with the Autonomic and Local Administrations.
  • Internationalization: Support the internalization of the enterprises as a fundamental need to survive and develop.
  • Cross-benefits: Promote synergies between enterprises.
  • Knowledge: Seek that members are well-informed about business opportunities at a national and international levels.

Our Values

Our values describe how we behave in the world.

  • Agreement: Promotion of the agreement culture.
  • Cooperative work: Cooperation between enterprises under the non- written rules of the business ethics.
  • Achieving needs: Following up the business man or business woman needs paying attention to their opinion.
  • Institutional collaboration: Active collaboration with institutions, organizations and universities.
  • Community values: Representation and assertion of the social corporative responsibility that enterprises pursue in their communities.
  • Social values: Creation of a cooperative and reliable framework based on the value of the enterprise within society.




Governance and management

The bodies of governance and management of AESMIDE are the General Assembly, the Governing Board, and the Permanent Committee.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body and is composed of all active members of AESMIDE. Compose all associated companies that organized in different sectors.

Governing Board

The Governing Board. It is the collegiate governing body. Their responsibilities are, among others, those which can be delegated by the General Assembly and all those that are specifically assigned by the other bodies.

Permanent Committee

The Permanent Committee. The chairmanship is the highest representative as institutional effects and against third parties and it has under its responsibility:

  1. The General Secretariat is responsible for all the Association Services, the Administration and the Judicial Services.
  2. The Technical Leadership is responsible for the projects and the International Department.

AESMIDE vocation is to collaborate with government in finding solutions that can respond to their needs in their outsourcing projects.

It also has as an object the following purposes.


Defend common, professional and economic interests of the associative array

Being Interlocutor

Serve as a liaison between private industry, Supply and Services and Public Administration. Bring both sides to promote solutions in various fields of activity.


Represent partners with national and international organizations of sectoral and territorial level corresponding to their operation.


Join the Association in the interests of the private and public sector, with the ultimate aim of fostering cooperation between the two sides to propose solutions to needs and ensure the development and mutual benefit.


Promote all activities are used to promote the sale of such products and services.