Gobernance and management

• To provide constant and close support both to our partners and to the Public Administrations in order to give specific solutions regardless their level or nature, creating the suitable communicative channels with Public Authorities of any type establishing a useful and profitable dialogue between both sides.

General Assembly

The General Assembly. It is the sovereign government body and all the active members of AESMIDE are there. It is formed by all the associated enterprises that are organized in the different activity sectors.

Goberning board

The Governing Board. It is the collegiate governing body. Their responsibilities are, among others, those which can be delegated by the General Assembly and all those that are specifically assigned by the other bodies.

Executive bodies

The Permanent Committee. The chairmanship is the highest representative as institutional effects and against third parties and it has under its responsibility:

  1. The General Secretariat is responsible for all the Association Services, the Administration and the Judicial Services.
  2. The Technical Leadership is responsible for the projects and the International Department.

AESMIDE vocation is to collaborate with government in finding solutions that can respond to their needs in their outsourcing projects.

It also has as an object the following purposes.


Defend common, professional and economic interests of the associative array

Being Interlocutor

Serve as a liaison between private industry, Supply and Services and Public Administration. Bring both sides to promote solutions in various fields of activity.


Represent partners with national and international organizations of sectoral and territorial level corresponding to their operation.


Join the Association in the interests of the private and public sector, with the ultimate aim of fostering cooperation between the two sides to propose solutions to needs and ensure the development and mutual benefit.


Promote all activities are used to promote the sale of such products and services.


Exmo. Sr. D. Gerardo Sánchez Revenga
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He was born in Toledo in 1947. He holds a degree in Law from the University of Granada and belongs to the Corps of State Accountants, the Public Treasury Management Body, the Higher Body of State Auditors and has the title of Certified Public Accountant. He has held the position of Comptroller in different State Administrations and Institutions (Council of State, INI, Higher Council of Scientific Research, Commission for the Tobacco Market, University of Barcelona). From 1983 to 1995 he was General Secretary of the State General Comptroller. From 1995 to 1998, he held positions of high responsibility in private companies (General Director of B98, Chairman of the Audit Committee of the FCC Group, Board Member of REPSOL, INI, RENFE, Treasurer of the Real Madrid Football Club). From 2003 to 2009 he was Special Delegate of the Ministry of Finance in RENFE. He has been President of the Institute of Public Auditors of Spain and President of the Federation of Associations of the Superior Bodies of the General State Administration (FEDECA). Currently, since May 2009 he is President of AESMIDE. </ P>

General Secretary

Sra. Dña. Carlota Sánchez-Cuenca González-Vallarino
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Born in Madrid, he studied the French baccalaureate at the French Lyceum in Madrid. He obtained a Law Degree from the Complutense University of Madrid and completed a Juridical Practice Course at the School of Legal Practice of the Complutense University of Madrid, completing his training at the Center for Financial Studies of Madrid (Advanced Course in Accounting and Finance) . In 1995 he joined the Department of Public Procurement of Vahn y Cia Consultores. In 1996, she was assigned to the AECI, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation as a Consultant. In January 1997 he joined AESMIDE together with Ambassador José Luis Graullera when he was appointed President. Since then she is the General Secretary of the Association. Its work, under the direct dependency of the Presidency and giving support to it, includes the direction and coordination of the Services of the Association as well as the relationship with the associates. </ P>

Technical direction

Exmo. Sr. TG. D. Luis Villanueva Barrios
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Admission to the AGM, 1967.
Alférez Ingenieros, 1969 (Promotion 153 of Engineers)
Lieutenant, 1972. Recruitment Training Center No. 11 (Vitoria). And Bon. Parachute Engineers. Alcalá de Henares.
Captain, 1975 Bon. Engineers BRIAC XII. Greedy. And Bon. Parachute Engineers. Alcalá de Henares.
Commander, 1986 School of General Staff, EM. OF THE CG OF THE BRIMZ XXXII. Cartagena and EME – DIVLOG. Madrid.
Lieutenant Colonel, by Selection, 1,993. EME – DIVLOG. Madrid, Bon. Parachute Engineers. Alcalá de Henares, SPABRI II – NATO SFOR. Bosnia and Herzegovina AND EMACON – DIVOPE. Madrid.
Coronel, by selection 1998. EMACON – DIVOPE. Madrid, RTAC. 21. Marines. Valencia And Maintenance Management. MALE Madrid.
General of the Brigade by election 2003. Army War School.
General of Division by election 2006. Head of the Head of the Information Systems, Telecommunications and Technical Assistance and Direction of Weapons Systems of the Logistical Support Command of the ET.
Lieutenant General by election 2010. Head of the Logistical Support Command of the ET. In the active reserve by legal mandate to complete 10 years as a general in 2013. Currently Technical Director of AESMIDE. </ P>