Infrastructures, equipment and facilities

As regards infrastructures and equipment, the associated AESMIDA enterprises have the following capabilities: building foundations, buildings, infrastructures, and modular constructions, permanent and semi-permanent installations from the project designing to the turn-key moment:

  • Engineering
  • Infrastructures: civil work and building
  • Concessions: from the construction moment to the exploitation
  • Industrial: design, construction and assembly of all types of plants and installations
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Restoring, rehabilitation and consulting
  • Modular constructions
  • Shipbuilding industry solutions
  • Equipment: structures, cranes, fire doors, ironmongery, furniture, technical products, and internal logistics

AESMIDE enterprises have a solid implementation in the international markets since they have carried out macro-works worldwide endorsed by the appropriate public and private bodies.

Management, Comprehensive Maintenance and Energetic Services

AESMIDE associated enterprises offer their capabilities to manage all the necessary services following the most qualified standards and regulations of the sector to allow the right functioning of any installation. We can find three different areas:

Comprehensive Management:

  • Maintenance
  • Energetic efficiency
  • Fire protection
  • Communications
  • Laundry
  • Outsourcing and comprehensive services
  • Safety
  • Supporting services such as asset management, project management, catering and vending, reprography, transport, reception, telephony and courier services…

Urban services

  • Environment and waste treatment
  • Cleaning and gardening

Social area

  • Accessibility and human capital

Personal equipment and work clothing

AESMIDE enterprises are pioneers in developing a personalized system of unifying groups of workers. This system includes the following services:

  • Supply complete uniform equipment, given to the individual at the time of his incorporation.
  • Supply personalized and individualized replacement of clothing under individual petition through internet and on behalf a personal annual credit,
  • All the inherent logistics regarding supplying and manufacturing processes:
  • Storing
  • Handling
  • Preparation of individual orders
  • Distribution of the items in destination
  • Changes due to incidences

AESMIDE enterprises do not have limits neither for the type of uniforms nor for the collective. They have research and development laboratories (working on textile, shoe ware, and special fibers…) and the most prestigious designers to produce the necessary unity in garments. They develop a complete I+D process in order to satisfy the needs of their customers.


AESMIDE associated enterprises give a comprehensive catering service to collectivities of different profiles all over the world. The service includes the analysis of the nutritional needs of different collectivities and the design of personalized menus. This is all done in cooperation with the responsible bodies that request the service in order to achieve it in a perfect way.


  • To produce and supply dairy products
  • Food logistics: buying products, management, shipping, distribution, storing, handling and supplying
  • Comprehensive management of catering services to collectivities and groups of different profiles.
  • Personalized service: kitchen equipment, containers, hygiene…
  • Quality: Selection of quality raw material from the origin, cooking and to final menus. Quality control, food safety and handling.

Campaign logistics

AESMIDE members give logistic support in campaigns in national or international territories as well as to military or civil units of emergency. Associated enterprises have the capability to develop all the different services in different environments (mountains, desserts…) , in any season and in any threatening situation, even in an NBQ situation.

Their capabilities are:

To manufacture and supply logistic equipment that could be necessary in a complete base:

  • Multipurpose modular tents of fast assembly, hangar tents
  • Comprehensive camps
  • Modular hospitals
  • Special vehicles
  • Mobile units
  • Manufacturing isothermal refrigerators
  • Complementary equipment of campaign logistics
  • Modular construction
  • NBQ equipment for individuals and collectivities

To provide complementary services as a second stage in order to achieve success

  • Movement and shipping
  • Waste
  • Supplying
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Health care and personal hygiene
  • Communications
  • Equipment: hospitals, campaign items, emergency material, rescue and catastrophe, energetic equipment, technology

Information technology and systems

In AESMIDE ITC are supported by big and small enterprises which develop complex, flexible and reliable solutions. Therefore, AESMIDE enterprises are a flagship in innovation, research and development of new materials, procedures, products and services.

Infrastructures of Technology, which allows connection within the enterprise, its strategy is the technology of information.

  • Computer equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment

Services associated to infrastructures which cover the problems and necessities that an enterprise needs to solve regarding telecommunication and data among others.

  • Communications
  • Security
  • Exploitation and maintenance

Consulting and services. They are related to those fields that allow an optimum approach and development of information technology. They offer support and help to coordinate technological services, offering all the necessary things to administrate a project.

  • Management Systems for the Public Administrations
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Quality
  • Systems development

Innovation is especial for all the associated enterprises within the area of ICT. In this area they are highly valued inside our frontiers and abroad.

Special services

AESMIDE members provide services which are usually independent from each other, however they are occasionally provided intra-connected to the Public Administrations. Also, these services are sometimes ordered by associated members which belong to other activity areas or to joint ventures.


AESMIDE has specialized associated members in teaching intensive courses of government and management which are offered to permanent and temporary personnel.

We also have consulting support on learning and training processes in order to manage the needs of changing in the different bodies to adapt them to the growing demands of society in matters of information and knowledge.


The continuous changes in the Spanish economic system have forced enterprises and Institutions to make efforts to look for new financial alternatives. These provides an added value to management as a new financial alternative in factoring, confirming and leasing.


Consulting Services provide experience and treasured knowledge which increase the success possibilities of the projects in the following areas:

  • Strategic Consulting in defence and security.
  • Professional consulting services to public and private entities
  • Logistics consulting
  • Consulting in innovation in the Public Administration, Health and Training


Comprehensive management and control services goes from the development of the contract covering any activity or necessity that the contract would require, to providing any infrastructure that may be needed as a part of the objective, as well as the human and material resources may be required. These are the services that are provided:

  • Financial and economic management
  • Administrative management, legal and fiscal support
  • Control and technical monitoring of the contract
  • Development of management and control procedures


They provide adapted travel plans to the delegations that require it in order to achieve their aims. They chose and advice about accommodation, transport, and travel insurance among other services. They offer their products to:

  • Enterprises
  • Mixed: enterprises and individuals
  • Implants: offices that are located in the headquarters of the enterprises or within the entity to which they offer their services
  • Specialized delegations


In this area we can find services that take care of the communication and information regarding security and defense attending the Hispanic culture. These services are grouped in:

  • Editorial group
  • Events
  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Training

Distributive logistics

AESMIDE associated members that offer comprehensive logistic services and transport, offer them in national territory as well as abroad and they include in their services military and civil emergency units.

Logistic operator services: Global solutions to the supplying chain were they can provide synergies to all the operations. They also defend the creation of alliances with other entities with the purpose of providing the maximum value to their services. We have specialized logistics regarding transport and reverse logistics.

Service integration: We integrate international operations with national distribution with the purpose of commercializing all types of products and added value services related to logistics.

Movement and transport: air, terrestrial and maritime transport.

Traceability: Control and monitoring of the production, labelling equipment, codification and tagging Inkjet of high resolution, operative and management of information in real time.

Associated enterprises offer within their capabilities all the necessary functions to coordinate transport, storing and distribution of all types of goods:

  • Planning and implementation
  • Monitoring the direct and inverse flow of goods and services
  • Storing, designing and manufacturing customized packaging
  • Transport, distribution, customs formalities
  • Counselling in international commerce
  • Services of loading or uploading ships
  • Management of warehouses, designing and manufacturing tooling to transport components and storing, training and development the implementation of specialized projects made to clients’ request
  • Specific logistic services in the clients’ facilities